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Ular Lari Lurus

Hi!!! It’s me, Simon. Do you know why the title of this post is ULAR LARI LURUS? I will explain it. ULAR LARI LURUS means `a snake runs straight`. It is Indonesian tongue twister. This is another one of my adventures, but this is about my trip to Borneo, Kalimantan, Kapuas Hulu. Cześć!!! To ja, ... Read More
16 March, 2016Bona Ventura
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Overview of Kalimantan Giving the remoteness of the area, our knowledge of the region and the fact, that only a fool trek alone in an unknown part of the jungle, we looked for a guide. A quick research lead us to Kompakh. Kompakh is a local tour operator based in ... Read More
15 December, 2015Bona Ventura