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How To Read Sports Betting Odds

If you happen to see -6.5 (-103), then you only need to bet $103 to win $100. The lower the negative number, the better for the bettor. Again, the -160 shows the Yankees are the favorite and the requirement of risking $160 for every $100 of profit.

This means you win if the team you placed a bet on wins or if there’s a draw. The Asian Handicap levels the odds of both teams towards Evens, so the winning probability for either bet is closer to 50%. This is done by posing a handicap on a team winning or losing by ‘adding to’ or ‘subtracting from’ their final goals tally. The big difference is you can win your stake back if a team does not exceed or fall below your handicap mark. A moneyline bet is the most common kind of bet to make and the easiest to understand, as you are simply betting on a team to win. The team just needs to be victorious, and you will be paid based on the American odds.

Of course, these payouts are not hard-and-fast amounts. Rather, they are expressions of the proportions that the sportsbook is using for that particular game. Steven is the product manager on BettingLounge and enjoys enhancing sporting events through betting for long-term, sustainable profit.

A lot of bettors prefer the over/under because the odds are usually close to even money for most every sport on such bets. Most of the time, the number of points in a game will carry odds right around -110. Let’s say a site has set the over-under at 46.5 points for an Arizona Cardinals game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The bettor interested in an over/under wager must guess whether the teams will combine to score more than 46.5 points or fewer. If you think it’s going to be a lower-scoring game, you will want to bet the Under. If you think it’ll be a higher-scoring game, you should bet the Over.

Here, we run you through what you need to know about football betting so you can cut through the confusion surrounding the markets. What applies to one sport may not apply to another sport. There is certainly some common ground within the different sports, but with different twists, nuances, and expressions, each sport has its own unique form. AmWager is one of the industry’s leading platforms for online horse betting.

Different sportsbooks offer different options regarding self-exclusions and player safety. These are essentially guardrails to limit and protect players from going overboard. Juice can vary from one sportsbook to another and also from one game to the next, but the practice is largely the same. It also makes being profitable over a long period of time that much more challenging.

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